1. It’s a great step up from working out of home. The trap that a lot of start up ventures fall into is believing that by working from home it will be more convenient. When in reality it ends up being the opposite. It’s too easy to get sidetracked and distracted at home, OR it’s too easy to just work without boundaries. Having a workspace away from home allows you to develop a routine and boundaries so that there is a clear line between work time and home time.
  2. You stop being a hermit and get out of your pyjamas! It can be very lonely and socially isolating working from home, by joining a co-working space you will be amongst a group of your peers that are in a similar situation and probably going through similar challenges so it’s a great place to bounce ideas and solutions off each other as well as the opportunity to collaborate.
  3. There is no long term lease to sign. When you are at the start-up stage the risk and capital involved in signing a 3 or 5 year lease is usually out of the question, not to mention, that having your own premises is not always the best investment in terms of ROI. Do you really think the $10, $20, $50k per year plus outgoings will pay for itself and then some? In most cases the answer is no. Co-working allows you to pay a monthly membership usually with no lock in contracts.
  4. Modern, clean facilities. We have all had to pitch or present in a crowded cafe – and it was never a great experience. Co-working spaces have meeting, conference and training rooms that can be hired by the hour or day. They provide a private, professional atmosphere supplemented by the usual tech that you would expect in any CBD boardroom including screens, audio, teleconferencing and refreshments.
  5. Access to supplementary support. The co-working facility will have a contact list of members who specialise in particular areas of business support. Whether you need digital marketing, accounting, HR, design or copywriting there is likely to be a member who can help – and there may even be the opportunity for bartering/skill swapping.