1. 24/7 access. Gold members of Tradie HQ can enjoy the flexibility of working at a time that suits them. Young families, other jobs and sleeping partners can often mean it’s impractical to work at home in the later hours, get away and get the work done in peace.
  2. A light fabrication workshop. Cut, grind, drill, weld and machine that part, bracket, enclosure or fitting with all the right tools and the space to do it – without the concern of waking kids or upsetting neighbours.
  3. Storage. Multiple options including long item, pallet, cage and locker can all be rented by the day, week, month or year. Freeing up space in the garage and keeping all of the gear for a project in one place that is always accessible.
  4. Curated, tradie specific professional services. Tradie HQ has done the hard work and trial and error for you. We have hand selected 3 companies from a range of tradie related professions that all have proven experience in working with trade based businesses. Professions include: Accountants, bookkeepers, HR, Insurance Brokers and business advisors/coaches.
  5. You will be around YOUR peers. This is one of the biggest benefits that sets us apart. At Tradie HQ you will be amongst guys and girls that GET you. The entire network is built from like minded people who understand your challenges, have experienced them before and have developed strategies to deal with them, not only from an administrative perspective but also technically.

Tradie HQ is an Australian and World first facility built specifically for Tradies. Our mission is to facilitate growth, scalability and sustainability within the small/medium trade enterprise sector through professional, administrative and technical support.

The author is the founder of Tradie HQ and is passionate about helping tradies succeed by developing strong business systems and processes which in turn allow the tradies to focus on what they are good at – THEIR TRADE!

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