I will admit that I was a bit late to the party when it comes to podcasts and audiobooks. Whilst I knew what they were and had listened to a couple around the 2013/14 mark I had no idea the depth of information that was available or what their potential was as a way of getting your message out – or listening to the messages of others. My earliest memories of audiobooks were that of my grandparents buying CDs of their favorite authors for their travels in the caravan!!

Move forward 5 years and I can’t remember the last time the radio was on in my car!

If you are an early adopter of the platform then I am going to be preaching to the converted as you are already aware of, and have found a whole lot of people – both mainstream celebrities and little known specialists – of whose content you consume on a regular basis. With topics ranging from digital marketing and personal development, right through to gardening and fashion the selection is as eclectic as the internet itself.

Why all the fuss?

One of my favorite podcasts is Dr Jordan B Petersons series, his episodes are usually a mix of dedicated podcast interviews and recordings of his university and promotional lectures for his “12 rules for life” roadshow to promote his bestselling book. In a couple of episodes he discusses the reason that he believes we have seen an uprising in popularity for podcasts and YouTube. He goes on to say that the main benefits of audio content are that more people can listen than can read and it can be consumed simultaneously with a number of other tasks such as driving, gardening, working etc. This statement pretty much sums up my reason for falling in love. Whilst I can read – and used to read quite a lot – now that I have kids and the lack of me time that goes with that I found that I wasn’t reading, and when I did, I was falling asleep after three pages and having to go back two next time, only making a page progress per night! Podcasts and audiobooks allow me to consume content and information whilst on the road, working, doing house work, waiting for the kids at sports etc etc.

What does it all mean?

What it means is that not only do consumers have an amazing amount of free (via podcasts) content from a vast selection of industry experts that they can consume when it suits them – in their pocket. But it also provides an accessible, long format platform for ordinary people and businesses to share their story and passions to a worldwide audience via a fairly frictionless process – all the audience have to do is listen! Some of my favorite podcasts are interviews conducted via Skype, Zoom or another teleconference medium – meaning that the interviewee and interviewer don’t even have to be in the same place! This gives rise to great opportunity for those of us with a limited budget but sky high ambition to engage with an interview subject in another country and/or timezone.

What are my favorites?

I have a list of go to’s that slowly builds depending on recommendations from friends and promotion/co-interviews within podcasts that I already subscribe to – here’s a quick selection of my favorites:

Personal development:

The building better humans project – Glenn Azar

Glenn is a mate of mine from the Army and he does a variety of things – check out his website. His Building Better Humans podcasts are short, to the point casts usually published weekly and give the listener great insights and inspirations drawn from Glenn’s relentless desire to “Build better humans”.

The Jordan B Peterson Podcast – Jordan B Peterson

Jordan is a clinical psychologist who also has a couple of good books – that I have as audiobooks. He has some great material on self worth, parenting and general psychology of life in the current day and age.

The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

Lewis is a former pro athlete and his podcast has a host of different experts in their respective fields with the intent of exploring what makes great people great. Listen in for interviewees such as Dennis Rodman, Rich Froning and grant Cardone

Pop culture/fun listening:

The Joe Rogan Experience – Joe Rogan

The world’s most prolific podcaster, Joe has an amazing listenership and as such gets some brilliant guests. Very long format, and also very entertaining and informative.


The Gary Vee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk
Head honcho at Vayner Media, Gary Vee is synonymous with social media content. With a professed 100 bits of media a day across every medium available Gary is a powerhouse, but his podcast is a great mix of social media/marketing gold and practical, humble advice on navigating business life in the digital age.

The Mentor – Mark Bouris

The founder of Wizard home loans and Yellow Brick Road runs a weekly podcast where he interviews a range of different Australian and international business people. Great insight for Australian businesses.

The Tony Robbins Podcast – Tony Robbins

Love or hate him, he has an immense network of hyper-successful individuals and his podcasts offer snippets of insight to his business mastery sessions and other development offerings from the Tony Robbins machine.

Tradie HQ Tips and Interviews – Me 🙂

I couldn’t find a trade business specific podcast that covered the unique challenges that we face, or with interviewees that are relevant to trade based businesses – so I decided to start my own. Tune in for success, failure and professional support episodes aimed at professional tradies.